Safe and secure, spacious and clean. From individual storage and work areas to waterfront dockage and the marine center’s grounds, we are on a mission. “Customer First” now means out with the old and in with the new- and better.


The main offices and yard buildings are getting an updating and make-over. We have organized a new Authorized Contractor Office Area with additional parking areas. We are designing and building a new Picnic Pavilion. That’s just for a start. From top to bottom, wet to dry, office to on-line, we want to ensure that working with River Bend Marine Center is going to keep on getting better.

• 24 Hour Security.

• Water Connections.

• 30/50/100 amo Electrical Hookups.

• Wi-Fi Inernet Connnectivity.

• Fax, Photocopy & Mail Service.

• Picnic/Barbque Area.

• Restrooms & Showers.

• On-site Gas & Diesel Fuel.


  On-Site Equiptment.


• 80 Ton TraveLift TM.

• 50 Ton Self Propeled Boat Transporter.

• 15 Ton Hydraulic Yard Crane. 


Riverend Bend Facility & Amenities